LED Advantages

Light Emitting Diodes or commonly known LED lighting is a new approach to creating lighting devices that offer a greener alternative to Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL), Halogens and notoriously inefficient incandescent lights

Greener Ideas manufacture and supply a complete range of “plug & play” LED lighting products specifically for the Australian market capable of meeting all lighting needs.

Our diversified product range continues to grow by following LED Lighting advances, combined with innovative product designs and improved lighting efficiencies helping save energy and the environment.

Unique products & services allow us to create distinctive products with substantial energy savings.

Led lights have many advantages over conventional lights. They are the cutting edge to the light industries answer for efficient & safe lighting. They give a very clean light with no UV, have a very long lifetime that is over 50,000hrs, and use very little power making them unquestionably the most efficient lighting products available.

By definition LED lighting is the cheapest to run and the most environmentally friendly.

Advances in LED technology have enabled Led Tubes, Bulbs and Down Lights to be produced which simply replace the existing ones, providing the same amount of light but with a 65 – 95% reduction in electricity consumption. Whilst this in itself is enough reason to make the switch, further health and safety benefits associated with the products ensures a cleaner, quieter and safer working environment There are three main reasons why LED lighting is superior to the two main lighting options we currently know of – CFL’s and incandescent.

1. Energy-efficiency

LED lighting is known to use about 10% of the energy used by traditional incandescent lighting. Incidentally, incandescent light bulbs only use 10% of the energy they consume for lighting, the remaining 90% of energy is wasted as heat loss. CFL lighting is somewhere in between this two extremes, using about 65 – 85% more energy than LED lights use.

2. Useful life

The average lifespan of LED lighting is expected to be about 8-15 times of an incandescent light, based on different manufacturers. LED lights can work over 50,000 hours. Where as CFL’s work from 6,000 to 15,000 hours and incandescent about 5,000 hours. LED’s offering significant maintenance and replacement cost advantages.

3. No Hazardous Materials

The main difference between LED and CFL lighting is the use of mercury (Hg) vapors in the CFL tubes/bulbs. Thus, making the disposal of CFL’s a key issue for homes, businesses, local towns and municipalities. Harmful chemicals end up in land fill which eventually filters through to our water tables and water ways.

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