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Does it cost anything for Greener Ideas to conduct a Light Energy Audit and provide me with my property’s lighting energy saving opportunities?

Greener Ideas Lighting Energy Audits and consultations are completely obligation free.

How much can I expect to save on energy and maintenance costs by updating my existing lighting?

The general average of light energy reduction is approximately 75% of existing energy consumption. Maintenance costs are reduced to zero over the full replacement warranty period which is a minimum of 3
years and up to 5 years on certain products.

How can I be sure by using products that reduce energy consumption by up to 90% that they will work as well?

Once an Energy Reduction Program has been approved in principal. Prior to any project installation Greener Ideas supply and fit sample products obligation free for evaluation to the product performance for final approval.

Greener Ideas LED Lighting Products

What are the benefits of LED Lights?

LED Lights have many benefits, some of them are:
1. UV and Flicker free
2. They have very low operating temperatures making climate control systems more efficient.
3. They have life expectancies of 50,000 hrs plus. Lasting 10 times longer than traditional lights.
4. The minimum LED product warranty our products come with is 3 years. NO maintenance costs guaranteed in the warranty period.
5. No harmful gases or mercury vapor which provide problems to disposal and added harm to our environment
6. By reducing energy up to 90% it means the carbon footprint for that service is also reduced by 90%
7. By design they offer many new approaches to how we see lighting.

Are LEDs dimmable?

Greener Ideas is now able to offer LED lighting options that are dimmable.

How does an LED work?

LED’s are semiconductor diodes which work by creating a positive – negative junction (or p-n). Once power is provided to the diode, a current flows from the anode (positive) to the cathode (negative). Electrons and electron holes then flow into the junction from electrodes, so when an electron meets a hole it creates a lower energy level providing energy as light. In practice 90% of the electricity consumed by an LED is converted into light, whereas a standard bulb only converts around 15%. LEDs are significantly more energy efficient than normal halogen bulbs, in fact around 90% more efficient. With the recent rises in energy bills both commercial organisations and households can make real savings and reduce their carbon footprint by replacing inefficient halogens and CFL’s with LED alternatives.

Who is using LED lighting?

EVERYONE! Universities, Councils, Facilities Managers, Architects and lighting designers are specifying entire lighting packages in their new designs. Contractors are using them in everything from custom kitchens to retail stores. Many homeowners are replacing their incandescent lights with LED bulbs. LED lighting can replace every instance of old lighting technology; as well as create entirely new lighting applications due to its versatility. Your imagination is its only limitation.

What do I do if an LED product needs repair or replacement?

LED products by design are extremely durable and have life expectancies of 50,000 hrs or more. In the event that there is an issue within the warranty period (minimum 3 years from purchase) Greener Ideas will resolve the situation within 2 working days. Technical staff are dispatched to make every necessary effort, all costs freight, parts and labour are free of charge.

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