Greener Ideas service is designed to manage the complete process of your lighting energy reduction ambitions from conception to fruition. Our successful formula is based on providing risk free energy reviews that demonstrate clearly measurable advantages by maximising the efficiencies of the facilities that we service.

Greener Ideas purpose is to place clients in the optimum position to make informed decisions regarding energy best practices, ensuring our client’s facilities maintain a competitive edge in today’s demanding business environment.

Reducing carbon footprints is a key focus of our expertise, this knowledge is rewarding in its self. By default our activities lend to the best interests of the natural environment. Strategic technological inductions now offer unprecedented lighting efficiencies. Harnessing these efficiencies via professional planning in turn generates economic gains equating to a Win-Win situation.

Whatever it is that has moved you to consider retrofitting your lighting, we are here to answer your questions and fulfill your energy saving goals. Greener Ideas customise programs and schedules to suite every requirement and budget with guaranteed results.

Sustainable growth involves planning with consideration to the reduction of over head costs from a facilities perspective and sensitivity to the environment from the outlook of the greater community.

Ever rising energy prices are a day-to- day reality. Astute building management looking to achieve cost savings, are quickly realising that one of the simplest and effective options is the review of energy consumption.


Our friendly consultation team is passionate about reducing costs and carbon emissions. We appreciate that our success is measured in our ability to provide services that are an asset to your organisation. Cost benefits are directly calculated by identifying the value of adopting practical solutions.

Our depth of experience transpires from our design and manufacturing resources being at the coal face of the lighting industry for over a decade, with a dedicated research and development agenda to LED products. The appreciation being that LED lighting solutions are the inevitable evolutionary progression to meet global economic and climate needs. This has manifested an invaluable ability to make recommendation as to the optimal returns on investments for all facets of lighting.

The purpose of reviewing existing criteria with future considerations is designed to secure immediate objectives and protect long term interests.

In the current context for efficient energy planning, the key is in acting to improve performance to limit exposure from the opportunity cost of not capitalising on eligible strategic projects.

Energy Audits

Greener Ideas conduct obligation free light energy audits to identify and comprehensively demonstrate the maximum Cost to Performance Advantages available to your situation. The key purpose is to reduce costs and maximise the lighting solutions contribution to a facilities operational efficiencies.

Despite any concern for upfront costs, the reality is a question of whether or not facilities can afford to continue nursing, effectively obsolete, technologies that ultimately cost double or triple the initial upgrade investment outlay over the life time of an LED product.

In most cases the average light energy reduction achieved is over 70%.
Our audits will help you determine the functionality of your current lighting systems, as well as all the potential upgrade benefits.

This is achieved by evaluating the light source being used in each area, its wattage, quantity and when it was last upgraded. Professional consultation will give you a run-down of the technologies currently installed, as well as calculate your property’s savings opportunity.


Our consultation goes beyond the face to face meetings and Audit presentations. At any point we welcome quires and discussions to your lighting energy considerations.

Our manufacturing facilities and on hand engineering professionals provide us with a unique depth of knowledge which has been at the coal face of the design, application and development of the LED industry for over a decade.

Our business structure puts us in a specialised position to provide the best advice and price.

Installations are conducted by qualified and trained personal which ensure our clients best interests are met and protected at all times.

We back our service and products with a minimum 3 Year Full Service Warranty. Meaning all replacement parts and labor are at no cost during the warranty periods.

Any reported technical quires are addresses within 48hrs as per our ISO-9000 Quality Management System Manual.

Qualified and professional installation staff are dispatched to conduct inspections and make every necessary effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

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