Energy Saving Solutions


Whether you want help meeting environmental objectives or simply reducing your lighting energy costs, you can rely on Greener Ideas to offer you the best advice.

We respond to the growing energy rate rises, greenhouse gases emmissions and global warming, by supporting people searching for more efficient ways to meet their lighting needs.

Greener Ideas is founded on providing professional consultation and cutting edge LED Lighting technologies designed to maximise energy efficiency. This translates to building a greener world and saving money on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Our lighting energy consulting service provides key features which are essential for effective low energy lighting solutions for all industries.
The LED Cost to Performance Advantage is paving the way for major benefits in general lighting solutions.

From a business perspective, the companies that will experience the greatest financial benefits are those that get in early, reduce energy demand, manage energy smartly.

With rising energy costs and the threat of global warming, many homes and businesses are now recognising the benefits of using greener technology to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise waste.

Greener Ideas provides resources and cutting edge technology pertinent to all homes and businesses interested in reducing their impact on the environment. With our support individuals and corporations can make a positive contribution to both their bottom line and the environment.
Whilst our appetite for consuming electricity continues to increase, so does our awareness of the need to maximise its efficiency.

We design, specify, assess and install a range of products and systems that optimise energy efficiency whilst ensuring a comfortable and healthy home or working environment.

Energy needs to be managed because it makes good economic and organisational sense. One of the principal benefits of effective energy management is the improved quality of service it provides; well-designed, well-maintained and well-operated facilities will be energy-efficient and offer a high degree of amenity to its users. Managing the consumption of energy is an important element in the process of providing cost-effective services and minimising the indirect costs passed on to the community. Our lighting energy audits indicate that more than 70 percent of light energy consumed can be saved by implementing relatively simple measures.

There are many options available to living greener. A simple and effective way is to review lighting. There are a number of choices for greener energy light solutions available. We can help you maximise your choice and take up some right away. This is achieved by understanding where and how benefits can be obtained via a lighting energy audit.

With very little effort and minimal upfront costs, you can save both money and the environment. To date greener ideas have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tonnes through energy efficiency programs and projects implemented in residential and commercial properties.

We advise people to regard their electricity usage as much as they would a leaky faucet. If you had a leak in your plumbing, you would act quickly because you can hear it and see it. The excessive use of electricity is just another type of ‘leak,’ but one that is often overlooked because it’s more hidden from our senses.

In light of the Australian Governments Environmental Policy using energy pricing mechanisms to achieve its emissions reduction goals, the relevance to improving energy efficiencies is becoming more and more an economic consideration. Now more than ever knowing your lighting upgrade options is paramount to the success of any organisation in the property management setting.

Greener Ideas will provide you with the information and recources to make informed decisions in today’s broad range of innovative and proven LED lighting technologies.

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